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About BrightHaven

A Sanctuary, Holistic Education Center and Rescue

BrightHaven is a unique and progressive animal care organization, providing sanctuary to animals in need of specialized treatment and elderly care.  Brighthaven is also an education center for the community in holistic healing for animals and a rescue for animals most at risk for euthanasia… Read More

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Must Read Books

Peace, Hope & Hospice

A book by Gail Pope & Lauren Urbais

book-peace-hope-hospice-91x130BrightHaven’s mission is healing—for body, mind and spirit. For some animals, healing will bring about a new and longer life. For others, healing is a necessary preparation for death and the journey beyond. We give love, tender care, and compassionate assistance during the senior years as well as in the dying process.

For 20 years, our love and passion has supported more than 500 animals through this part of life. We wrote this book to help others who are helping loved animal companions to grow older gracefully in the best health possible.

Available at www.lulu.com

BrightHaven Rescue

What We Do

From the Magnolia House: BrightHaven Rescue Works to Place 80 cats and 2 Dogs

Read more about the animals in need of rescue and progress that has been made.

Rescue Spotlight - Animals urgently in need of help.

Photo of Bear


Bear is a real sweetheart… and needs his own home where he is the one and only, and a little patience and a lot of love!

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Photo of Velvet


Velvet is looking for a forever home to spend her days cuddling with her loving family. Make her yours!…

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Recent Update

BrightHaven Lifetime Care Program

Who will take care of me after you’re gone?

Joining the BrightHaven Lifetime Care program can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your beloved animal companions will be lovingly provided for when you pass away. In exchange for your bequest, BrightHaven will provide either lifetime cage-free holistic care in the Sanctuary or placement in a BrightHaven Rescue foster home, pending adoption. Read More

Planned Giving

What are Options?

There are many other options for planned giving which can provide benefits either immediately or after retirement, reducing income and estate taxes. Some types of gifts virtually eliminate estate taxes, while others greatly reduce the amount of tax you…Read More

A New Addition to Our Library

Elderly & Special Needs—You Call That Hospice? by Heather Merrill C.T

At New England Pet Hospice, we care for elderly and special needs animals as well as those who have a terminal diagnosis. This is one of the few areas we differ from the human hospice model. In human hospice… Read More… (pdf)